About Billy Allen

Billy Allen has been actively exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness, and ceramics for the past fifteen years across several continents. Building upon degrees in art and environmental studies, he spent 3 years as a studio technician and instructor at Greenwich House Pottery, New York City’s largest, oldest and most prestigious ceramic school. With a strong foundation and appreciation for American ceramics, his current works are informed by extensive travels in Asia, where he was struck by the role pottery plays in the daily lives of most individuals. As an American potter living and working in Savoie, France, his unique experiences and background translate into high quality and one of a kind pieces each with a unique story to tell, which unfolds only through use over time, enriching your daily experience.

Artist Statement:

Several years ago, I made a cross-country drive from Florida to Oregon. Each night of the trip I stayed with friends or family, and in every home I came across one of my pots. A bowl with fruit on the kitchen counter. A teapot waiting for its next steep. A mug next to the coffee pot ready for a morning routine. In each case, my pottery had become part of its owner’s life and ritual. Handcrafted functional pottery occupies a unique niche in our ever busying lives. It offers us a chance to bring art into our daily experiences, providing something to ponder as we take our first and last drinks of the day. Works that are lived with become imbued with meaning, value, and purpose that grow and change over time, even though the pot remains the same. As an artist I strive to create works that occupy such a unique place.

About the Materials:

After years of working with clay, I have untimely settled with working almost exclusively with porcelain due to its inherent qualities. In addition to enjoying its sensitivity during the making process, after being high fired, porcelain is transformed into an incredibly strong and highly durable material: perfect for functional pottery. The porcelain I currently use is extremely translucent, which adds another layer of information and depth to the pot, allowing the user to continually view the piece anew.

All my work is fired in my gas kiln to 2,340 Fahrenheit and is microwave/dishwasher safe.